Seventh Grade through Senior Year

Our middle and high school youth find engaging and dynamic activities designed especially for them during our Wednesday night sessions and twice a month on Sunday afternoons. Through thought-provoking topics, Bible study, shared conversation, and service-oriented activities, teens are supported in their lives and encouraged in their faith.

Youth Programs


The 4th Sunday of every month: Meet in the east entrance of the church at 11:30 a.m. They will then decide together where to go eat.


This will be a time for high school youth to go out, eat lunch together, and talk about a topic that affects them. We'll think about God's perspective and promises for every topic. There will be one topic each week, and a parent will be there to lead each conversation. 


Building friendships with other Christians gives our kids a strong support structure. Talking about issues that affect them helps them to process and work through things in healthier ways.


Message Pastor Snoberger for more information.

Meet our Youth Director Kari Benson

Together our teens navigate bible study and life topics, while enjoying adventures with each other!

Questions about our Youth Programs?